Artist - Gary Stinton

African Leopard
Snow Leopard
Peregrine Falcon
Red Kite
About Gary Stinton


Gary Stinton has been painting animals for over 30 years. He often works in pastel which, when painted on museum board is as permanent as oil. Pastel is very effective when representing fur, producing soft and velvety textures. Gary is recognised as a fur expert and revels in its natural beauty.


He describes his work as “attempting to live” and “I’ve always been drawn to the natural world, everything else is detail”. Gary has had 7 solo shows in Chelsea and many other group exhibitions from the House of Bruar to the USA.

About Charlotte Bowskill

Charlotte Bowskill first came to the attention of the art world whilst working for a high-profile gallery in the heart of West London’s art dealer hub.


It was here that Charlotte came to prominence, honing her skills in the specialized and highly personalized world of the art dealer. The extensive expertise acquired in 19th C, 20th C and Modern art was soon to form a natural union with Charlotte’s greatest passion.


From a very early age, Charlotte has had a love of all things equestrian and is an experienced horsewoman. Her innate affection for horses led her to be initially struck and then conquered by the pure bred Arabian. And so was formed Charlotte’s first solo venture: Arabian Fine Art.


Today Arabian Fine Art is the world-renowned leader in contemporary Arabian horse paintings & sculptures, and represents the world’s principal talent in the field of equine art, such as Peter Smith, Tessa Pullen and Lesley Thiel. Arabian Fine Art is extremely proud of its high-profile client list and equally proud to deliver a service of both excellence and discretion.
Now with over thirteen years of experience in the art world, Charlotte brings us her second venture, Charlotte Bowskill Fine Art


Featuring only the finest examples of an artist’s work, Charlotte Bowskill Fine Art boasts an exclusive roster of international work by the art world’s foremost talent, and is extremely proud to offer an unrivalled collection of 20th Century, Naïve and Contemporary art & Contemporary sculpture. Artists include Modern British icons David Hockney, Frederick Gore and John Piper, renowned Naïve names such as Fred Yates and Joan Gilchrest, Contemporary art leading-lights Darren Baker, Gary Stinton and Contemporary sculptor by Tessa Pullen.


With Arabian Fine Art and Charlotte Bowskill Fine Art, Charlotte has received the accolade of becoming a member of Who’s Who of Britain’s Youngest Directors of 2009, and remains committed to discovering, promoting and offering the work of new artists and will showcase this work, alongside established names, at the world’s leading art fairs and through her two globally respected companies.


Charlotte effortlessly gels the enthusiasm and hunger of the early days as a breakthrough art dealer, with the experience, knowledge and business acumen of the company director we see today and continues to be an exciting and guiding light in the world of art.